Chase It Dog Toy

Chase It Dog Toy




Move the Chase It dog toy in a circular, up-and-down, or zig-zag motion and let the fun begin! You and your dog will have hours of fun training and playing predator-prey games with the Chase It dog toy (plus your dog can get a good workout!). The Chase It is a favorite of ours for entertaining and exercising dogs as well as for using as a training reward. In particular, we use this toy to teach fetching and self-control games, as well as to do motivational work. It's also useful for showing the Velcro dog that he can work at a distance from you.

The sturdy Chase It is a 50"-long, flexible rod with an ergonomic handle. At the end of the rod is a 48" long rope with a plush bungee toy attached. This toy is 12" long in its relaxed state and stretches to 16" in length. There is a squeaker in the end of the tail and in the head. The rod comes in two pieces that screw together, which makes it very convenient to transport and store.

The Chase It is a very versatile toy. The adjustable "collar" used to attach the bungee toy to the Chase It can actually be used to attach other toys your dog likes to the rod. We've even attached old socks to the Chase It!

The bungee plush toy included with the rod comes in assorted styles; please allow us to choose for you. Replacement toys are sold separately. 

"Wanted to say your toy is the best toy I've gotten my dogs ever. We have two Pit Bulls who love this toy and it gives them hours of play and exercise."  —Melissa

"Thank you! Truly, the Chase It is a lifesaver for us and I'm so glad you created it. It enables me to give my dog exercise in such a great, interactive way!  —Tara

"I went home one day and the first thing my dog did was drop his chase it toy at my feet and give me his big puppy eyes. I couldn't resist. The Chase It is the toy that Max plays with over and over and over and over and over again."  —Jackie

"Wow, I am so impressed with the Chase It! I was immediately struck by how well the toy is made. Every part of the toy is exceptionally sturdy. All four of my dogs love it and my cat enjoys it too. This is the perfect toy for my clients who live in apartments or condos and have a difficult time exercising their pets in rainy or snowy weather. It is also ideal for people with disabilities, like myself. What a wonderful product!"  —Veronica

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