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PetSafe Quick Access Treat Pouch

PetSafe Quick Access Treat Pouch




The PetSafe Quick Access Treat Pouch allows quick and easy access to treats—even for those of us with large hands. The hinged design allows the bag to stay fully open, close with a touch, and stay closed until you open it again. Inside the Quick Access Treat Pouch there is a dual inner liner pocket to separate yummy from yummier treats. This treat pouch comes with both a built-in belt clip and an adjustable-strap belt. If you don't want to use the belt, it can be easily removed and you can use the built-in belt clip.

The Quick Access Treat Pouch has a Velcro storage pocket in the front which is perfect for storing your cell phone, clean-up bags, etc. It also has elastic loops on the front for securing Lickety Stick, Spray Shield, a pen, lip balm, etc. A carabiner on the side is perfect for clipping a clicker, whistle, or your keys. The fabric used to make this bait bag is water-resistant and resists stains and rips. You can hand wash the pouch or put it in the top rack of your dishwasher. 7.5"W x 6"H.

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